10 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Kitchen.

The kitchen may be a small part of your house, but it's the most essential. Read about the important things you should remember about your kitchen.

The 10 Simple But Important Things To Remember About Your Kitchen.

The kitchen is a part of your house that is used more often than any other areas. It, therefore, stands to reason that it should be functional, organised, safe and simple to use. Your life will be much easier if your kitchen functions in a way that suits your needs. The following are some of the most important things to remember about your kitchen.

1. Enough working space

No matter the size of your kitchen, it needs ample room to breathe. This means less clutter and more working space. Giving yourself room to move around and work makes your kitchen quite welcoming to others. It also motivates you to get in there anytime, put on your apron, and make your favourite pudding!

2. Right kind of storage

A well-planned kitchen should not only have enough storage space, but also the right kind. For example, you can choose deep drawers for crockery and cookware instead of standard floor cabinets. Good storage, especially for small kitchen spaces, is very important, so pay special attention in order to get these details right.

3. Choose the best worktops

A kitchen is as good as its worktops. This is where you do all your work, so it's important that it is as welcoming as it is convenient. For instance, a contemporary kitchen suits warm-textured marble worktops. It is non-debatable that good quality worktops will lift your kitchen instantly.

4. Ensuring sufficient natural lighting

Your kitchen should have large windows to allow adequate natural light. Sufficient light makes even a small kitchen space feel larger and easy to work in. However, this should be considered in the early stages of designing your kitchen's layout. If you lack enough light, try adding an under-cabinet lamp to make your kitchen glow and come alive.

5. Wear safe clothing

For your safety, avoid wearing long-sleeved clothes while in the kitchen. Long sleeves can catch fire on the gas stove leading to scary outcomes. Generally, tops with short sleeves or no sleeves are the best. Additionally, avoid putting on synthetic or flammable fabrics as they can melt onto you when they become overheated.

6. Regular handwashing

Ensuring your hands are clean tops the hygiene rules in the kitchen. It is easy for disease causing organisms to be transferred, so hands should be regularly washed when preparing and cooking food. Furthermore, it's the most essential hygiene rule for children too. So ensure the entire family practises proper handwashing techniques while in the kitchen.

7. Right kitchen finishes

A good finish in a kitchen helps to create a more friendly working environment. When installing your kitchen, always hire experts to do the flooring, worktops and other elements. Marble is one of the most preferred materials used to provide a quality finish. Additionally, try injecting colour and texture on cabinets, on fabric sofas and on dining chair cos.

8. Kitchen sink cleanliness

You'll use your sink constantly, so it will quickly become grimy if it is not kept clean. This is one of the kitchen hygiene rules that does not take much time, and it's well worth doing. You should give your sink a thorough scrub using a scourer and kitchen cleaner at least once a day.

9. Maintaining proper food hygiene

If you have ever suffered food poisoning, you will understand why preventing cross-contamination tops the basic food hygiene rules. Always use different boards when cutting fish, meat, vegetables, bread and dairy and avoid leaving raw meat next to edible food. These simple hygiene tips will help prevent the transmission of potentially pathogenic bacteria.

10. Proper refuse disposal

When all is said and done, proper refuse disposal can never be underestimated. Always take your rubbish out daily to avoid any bad smells in your kitchen. Empty your bins regularly and put lining bags inside them. That way, when you remove one bag, there's another one below it ready to be used.


Whether it is following hygiene rules or ensuring enough lighting, the aforementioned things are very important in your kitchen. Always dedicate some time and energy when designing, installing and organising your kitchen. After all, the main goal is to create that essential room in your house that will serve your family smoothly and efficiently.